2017 Fall Assembly:

PDF icon  Assembly Agenda

PDF icon  GR's Guide to Assembly

PDF icon  2017 Spring Assembly Minutes

PDF icon  Alternate Delegate Report

PDF icon  Delegate's Report

PDF icon  Treasure's Report

PDF icon  Treasure's Group Contribution Report

PDF icon  Group Records Report

PDF icon  Alateen Report

PDF icon  NoVA Service Report

PDF icon  Literature Report

PDF icon  WebSite Report

PDF icon  Amendment to Area Bylaws - Progress

PDF icon  Welcome Letter

PDF icon  Long Range Planning

PDF icon  Motion Virginia Area Assembly Meeting Space

PDF icon  Long Range Planning Motion


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2017 VAWSC:

PDF icon VAWSC Agenda 8/5/17

PDF icon GR Opening Session 2017 Spring Assembly

PDF icon Long Range Planning Report

PDF icon Long Range Planning Agenda 8/5/17  


2017 Spring Assembly:

PDF icon Agenda

PDF icon Fall 2016 Assembly Minutes

PDF icon Treasurer's Report Spring 2017

PDF icon Bank Balances 

PDF icon Alternate Delegate Report

PDF icon Delegate's Report 2017 Spring Assembly

PDF icon Group Records Coordinator Report

PDF icon Group Records Process

PDF icon Alateen Process Coordinator Report

PDF icon Long Range Planning Committee Motion

PDF icon NVSC Announcement


2016 Fall Assembly:

PDF icon GR Guide to Assembly

PDF icon GR Guidelines (G-11)

PDF icon GR Opening Session

PDF icon Informed Group Conscience Decision

PDF icon Technology Workshop - Anonymity


2016 Spring Assembly:

PDF icon  GR Opening Session Agenda


Alateen Information:

PDF icon  Virginia Alateen Sponsorship and Behavior Requirements (approved 5/3/09)

PDF icon  Cover letter and Revised Steps for Applying to be a Virgiia Area Alateen Group Sponsor, Co Sponsor, or Alternate Sponsor

PDF icon  Updated Alateen Requirements (2016)

Alateen Forms:

PDF icon  Travel Authorization and Consent to Emergency Medical Treatment

PDF icon  Alateen Registration/Group Records Change Form


Convention Information: 

PDF icon Updated Convention Guidelines (2017)


Other Downloads:

PDF icon Sponsorship Index

PDF icon  CAL Order Form

PDF icon  Literature Order Form