Alateen Meetings

Alateen Meetings

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Alateen FAQ

How do I enroll my kids into Lateen? There isn't any formal enrollment into Alateen. If your children have been affected by another person's drinking and they are 19 or younger, they qualify for membership.

May I attend Alateen meetings with my children? Alateen meetings are for younger members of Al-Anon. Except for Alateen sponsors or during special events, adults are not allowed to attend Alateen meetings. This creates an atmosphere in which the members of Alateen are more comfortable sharing.

Is there adult supervision at the meetings? Yes. Certified Alateen Sponsors attend every meeting.

Who should attend Alateen? Alateen offers help and hope to the younger members of families and friends of alcoholics. If you are 19 or younger and have been affected by another's drinking, then Alateen is for you.

Do I have to say anything at the meeting? No - you can just sit and listen if you want. You don't even have to tell anyone your name.

What if I see someone I know at a meeting? Anonymity is an important principle in both Al-Anon and Alateen. What is said in the group meeting stays in the meeting and doesn't leave the room.

Is Alateen some kind of religious prayer group? Al-Anon and Alateen are spiritual fellowships. Meetings do not concentrate on any specific religious teachings or principles, and members of any religious faith or of none are welcome at the meetings.